Computer Data Forensics

Danton IT Solutions Ltd have partnered with the industry leaders in Computer Data Recovery, Data Clinic. This allows us to offer Data Clinic’s complete recovery and computer data forensics portfolio to all our IT support customers.


  • Data Clinic provide digital investigation services into all types of computer and computer related crime
  • Our computer forensics consultants are registered Expert Witnesses
  • Our electronic evidence and forensic investigation procedures are ISO9000 certified
  • We act for both prosecution and defence
  • We offer countrywide investigations plus onsite and offsite services

Whether the system is a standalone computer, portable device or part of an integrated network, Danton IT’s experienced technicians can assist you from the initial evidence gathering or fact finding, through to the successful outcome – be it external prosecution, Industrial Tribunal or internal disciplinary action.

Data Clinic provide the following assistance for the investigation of digital data:

  • Advice on initiation of an investigation where data recovery is required
  • Advice on the seizing and securing of that evidence
  • Acquire data on site (overtly or covertly) or at the Data Clinic forensic laboratory
  • Recover data that you thought had long gone
  • Examine the recovered data according to the instructions you give us
  • Provide easy to read technical reports outlining our findings
  • Provide expert testimony if required

All our work is carried out following current Best Practice, contemporaneous notes and records are kept to prove the chain of custody. Our clients are guaranteed confidentiality and all case-related communications are strictly confidential.

Investigative Services

We are able to undertake both on and off-site investigations and as a general rule will use the following stages in our project implementations.


The science of computing and the laws of evidence are both complex, we therefore insist that prior to any specific computer forensic investigation being initiated that a protocol for our engagement is established, and that this protocol is fully understood and capable of being implemented by all the parties involved in the planned investigation.

To achieve this we will consult with a client to:

  • Establish the specific roles that individuals and organisations will play in the investigation.
  • Identify where matters of evidence are likely to be located.
  • Undertake a mandatory intelligence review in order to establish what types of hardware, software, systems and back-up material might relate to the potential evidence being sought.
  • Communicate a plan for the collection and analysis of data, the processing, documentation and reporting of information,
  • Produce a written estimate of timescales and costs involved.
  • Present a formal contract describing our terms of engagement, matters of confidentiality etc.

If you have any questions regarding the data forensics services that we offer, please call us on 01204 238800, or contact us via facebooktwitter or by sending an email to

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