iPhones, iPads & iPods

ipadfamilyApple phones and tablets are wonderful little devices and the majority of customers never run into problems, however Danton IT Solutions have designed an number of services should you find you are in the minority.

Unboxing and Setup Service

Got a brand new iPad or iPhone but no idea how to even turn it on? Danton IT Solutions provides a comprehensive “unboxing” service for you. We will get all the initial setup out of the way for you, so you can enjoy your new hard earned device.

We will take you through the setup process, including setting up and registering an iTunes account, getting you up and running on your home wireless (or 3g, whatever you have) and get you to the fun part of actually downloading apps and music.

If you have an iTunes account we’ll get syncing up and running for you so you can transfer your existing music over.

Full Diagnostic and Repair Service

Wether you are have suffered a significant software meltdown or have managed to crack the screen on your pride and joy, repairs through Apple can often be costly and inconvenient. Danton IT Solutions have an number of services that can really help out in situations like these.

From a cracked screen or a dead battery all the way through to water damage, Danton IT Solutions can provide repair and diagnostic services for all your iOS devices. We offer a full collect and return service within our operational area, saving you the inconvenience of having to go to the Apple Store with your devices. We offer an extremely competitive repair service, without the premium that Apple charge.

Please contact us for a menu of repair and support services.

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