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What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a process where using certain techniques and best practices you are able to increase the ranking of your websites on organic, non-paid listings across all the major search engines. Promoting your website in this way is a much more cost effective process than simply buying ads on Google for example, where you as part of an ongoing campaign you can easily spend between £500 and £2000 a month.

How do we improve your SEO?

The process for SEO optimisation that Danton IT Solutions uses involves carefully assessing your website using a number of tools at our disposal. We check to make sure that your site is search friendly, we assess and optimise your site for your chosen search terms and we check the META tags on your webpage. Once this assessment has taken place, we then produce a report for you that shows you the results of our analysis and our recommendations on how to improve your website to give it the best chance of a higher page rank.

For a small fee, we can also make these alterations to your website for you, if you are not comfortable with editing the code on your website.

Search Engine Submission

Once we have made our recommendations we then set about submitting your website to every known search engine in the world (currently around the 150,000 mark). This means that we know your site will be picked up and indexed by every search engine. We repeat this process every 3 months in order to refresh your content.

Link Building

Link building is now considered the most important part of an SEO campaign. Your ranking across all the major search engines is based on the number of other websites that link back to your site. These are called backlinks, and the more backlinks your site has, the higher it will be ranked. We have a database of over 300,000 link partners. These are directories, link pages, blogs and forums. They’re great because we are able to categorise your site and therefore, the backlinks are more relevant.

For example, if your site sells cars we would add your site to any link partner in the category: car – > sales. This is very important as it builds natural, relevant backlinks that can dramatically improve your ranking. We aim to build you between 100 and 300 backlinks every 3 months, which is the optimum pace in order to maximize your gain without any chance of being black listed from any search engine.

All SEO, backlink and submission statistics are available 24/7 via your control panel.

What makes Danton IT Solutions different?

Honesty and Transparency

We provide you with login details to our SEO portal so you can check as to how your SEO campaign is doing 24/7.

Value For Money

Some providers want to lock you into a long term contract costing hundreds, if not thousands of pounds. We offer a great value service that is superior to many of the more expensive providers. We also don’t tie you into a contract, you can simply choose to stop using the service at anytime by cancelling your subscription.

Zero Risk

Other providers offer you instant results, using often blackhat techniques that could get your site blacklisted. We do things differently. We take a slow and steady approach to SEO, we build links over a number of months, slowly increasing your exposure with zero risk. In this way we normally start to see good results after the first 3 months.


We believe that Danton IT Solutions offers a great value, flexible and honest SEO service. Our main SEO package is just £75 a month with no contract.

You can subscribe by clicking on the Paypal button link, we will then contact you for your site details and search terms. We also offer other payment methods, please contact us for details.

We look forward to working with you throughout you SEO campaign.

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